The premier online solution to manage AML/CFT compliance

Simplifying your implementation, day to day management, record keeping and reporting of AML/CFT compliance obligations, for your peace of mind.

Compliance management for peace of mind

AMLU allows you to document and track your AML/CFT related client, staff and transaction information and data, managed within our easy to use software, and in alignment with your AML/CFT Risk Assessment and Programme.

  • Effective tools for day-to-day management of AML/CFT compliance
  • Convenience and peace of mind on one platform
  • Effortless, efficient reporting and internal and external audits
  • Easy Customer Due Diligence and transaction monitoring

What can AMLU do for you?

AMLU is end to end AML/CFT software that enables Reporting Entities to implement day to day management, record keeping and reporting of AML/CFT compliance obligations.

AML/CFT Framework

Set up tailored AML/CFT framework rules to create efficient day to day management tools

Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

Easily and effectively manage and record your customer due diligence obligations

Transaction & Account Monitoring

Identify, investigate and report unusual, suspicious behaviour or prescribed transactions

Staff Vetting & Training

Monitor and manage key personnel and staff with AML/CFT related duties, and track staff training information

Record Keeping

Upload, track and access documentation in an easy to use software platform


User friendly access for internal and external reporting purposes

Assurance & Audit

Maintain an effective and efficient assurance programme

Application Programming Interface (API)

Interface with third party software


Implementation of best practice security protocols

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