What can AMLU do for you?

AMLU is end to end AML/CFT software that enables Reporting Entities to implement day to day management, record keeping and reporting of AML/CFT compliance obligations.

AML/CFT Framework

Set up tailored AML/CFT framework rules to create efficient day to day management tools

  • easily manage your Risk Assessment and Programme documentation
  • set up AML/CFT management rules for risk ratings, CDD requirements and validation, and other key business areas
  • create tailored questions as part of your client on-boarding and management

Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

Easily and effectively manage and record your customer due diligence obligations

  • verify customers, beneficial owners of customers and persons acting on behalf of customers
  • electronic or manual customer verification options
  • conduct electronic verification through direct integration with an electronic verification provider that also offers politically exposed person (PEP) screening
  • create and display a visual of any type of entity structure, using AMLU's interactive tool, including for companies, trusts and partnerships
  • customise customer due diligence processes for your business
  • ability to risk profile your customers
  • conduct all forms of customer due diligence, standard, enhanced, simplified and exceptions
  • set customer due diligence review dates and notifications
  • notification of customer identification expiry dates

Transaction & Account Monitoring

Identify, investigate and report unusual, suspicious behaviour or prescribed transactions

  • set customisable account and transaction monitoring rules tailored for your business and customer on boarding
  • ability to upload, reconcile and review your transaction data to identify unusual, suspicious activity and prescribed transactions
  • escalate unusual or suspicious activity for further investigation and reporting
  • link to the NZ Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) for Prescribed Transaction Reporting (PTR) and Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)

Staff Vetting & Training

Monitor and manage key personnel and staff with AML/CFT related duties, and track staff training information

  • record and manage staff vetting and training
  • upload documentation and notes

Record Keeping

Upload, track and access documentation in an easy to use software platform

  • a convenient and user friendly, centralised record of all AML/CFT related information and documentation


User friendly access for internal and external reporting purposes

  • easily prepare reports for internal reporting purposes and reporting to your Sector Supervisor
  • access to AML/CFT Annual Report templates

Assurance & Audit

Maintain an effective and efficient assurance programme

  • easy access to samples for testing
  • centralised storage of AML/CFT documents that can be accessed by authorised person(s) within your business or by your Independent Auditor
  • convenience of an Independent Auditor having authorised, direct access to centralised data, information, documents and records, making Audits convenient and efficient

Application Programming Interface (API)

Interface with third party software

  • our API will enable a convenient transition of data between AMLU and third party software, such as CRM software


Implementation of best practice security protocols

As AMLU is a cloud based system and as we take the security of data seriously we have engaged Computer Concepts Limited NZ (CCL) to provide world class hosting services for AMLU.

CCL is one of Australasia's most advanced facilities and provides surety of availability and service to some of New Zealand's largest and most risk averse organisations. All CCL Data centre facilities are designed, built and operated by experts, skilled in supporting the latest in high level technology with world class uptime and service quality.

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