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AMLU is a software product of SafeKiwi (New Zealand) Limited. SafeKiwi (New Zealand) Limited is a New Zealand registered company based in Christchurch.

SafeKiwi has successfully operated for nearly 10 years and is a compliance software company. We have over 8 years proven success in the market with our initial compliance software product, New Zealand Real Estate Trust (NZRET). Our key focus has been to develop and operate to best practice protocols to ensure that compliance obligations are met for the protection of all parties. NZRET has cemented itself as a reliable, valuable and trusted compliance software in the New Zealand Real Estate industry.

We have developed our AML/CFT management software using the same best practice approach. We have worked with a reputable and well respected AML/CFT consultancy firm. Working with an AML/CFT consultancy firm as part of our AMLU software development has enabled us to apply best practice protocols and user friendly workflows to assist reporting entities to manage and satisfy their obligations under the AML/CFT Act.

Tracey Kellett – Managing Director

Tracey has an extensive background in business management, predominately in the banking industry. Since taking up the role as Managing Director of SafeKiwi (New Zealand) Limited over seven years ago, she continues to focus on strategy, governance, leadership, business development and ensuring the company delivers a high level of customer service and product satisfaction. Having already successfully developed, launched and managed compliance software she is focused on ensuring that AMLU offers an efficient, time saving and user friendly end to end management software solution for AML/CFT reporting entities.

Jacque Musson – Operations Manager

Jacque has had a wide range of management roles and experience in both the Banking and Business sectors. In her role as Operations Manager, she has been an integral part of the AMLU Project Management team. Her main role has been focusing on best practice protocols to ensure that AMLU provides key functionality that will assist and allow Reporting Entities to efficiently manage their AML/CFT obligations on a day-to-day basis.

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