Compliance management for peace of mind

AMLU allows you to document and track your AML/CFT related client, staff and transaction information and data, managed within our easy to use software, and in alignment with your AML/CFT Risk Assessment and Programme.

  • Effective tools for day-to-day management of AML/CFT compliance
  • Convenience and peace of mind on one platform
  • Effortless, efficient reporting and internal and external audits
  • Easy Customer Due Diligence and transaction monitoring

About AMLU

AMLU is an end to end AML/CFT software solution that enables Reporting Entities to implement day to day management, record keeping and reporting of AML/CFT compliance obligations.

Use alerts, and review reminders to effectively manage your day-to-day AML/CFT compliance, aligned to your Risk Assessment and Programme framework.

Annual reporting to your Sector Supervisor and audits are easy, efficient and will save you time as all information is held in a centralised, convenient and accessible location within AMLU's software platform.

AMLU does not offer AML/CFT consultancy services, advice or guidance, it is purely a software platform for Reporting Entities to use for the day-to-day management of AML/CFT compliance obligations.

If you are a Reporting Entity that requires a Risk Assessment and Programme to be completed for your business and/or you need advice about AML/CFT compliance obligations, please contact a specialist AML/CFT consultant or your Sector Supervisor.

Getting started with AMLU

Before you can register to use AMLU, you must complete a full Risk Assessment and Programme for your business, and appoint a Compliance Officer.

Register with AMLU

Click below to complete the sign up form and register. The AMLU support team will process your registration and contact you with login details when your account has been confirmed.

Set up your account and AML/CFT Framework

Log in to AMLU to set up your account and AML/CFT Framework rules. These rules will align to your Risk Assessment and Programme. This must be completed to activate your account.

Start using AMLU!

Your AMLU account will be activated by the AMLU Support team and you can start using AMLU to manage your AML/CFT compliance obligations.

Get in touch to find out more

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